About Us

Over 15 years ago, owner Tom Doyle and his family were heavily invested in the sport of swimming. With several of his children swimming for their local high school, Tom recognized a need for their team to have a method to set goals and track their progress. From there, Tom developed our very first product, USA Swimming Time Standard cards, enabling swimmers to have a convenient reference card with them at the pool. Needless to say, they were a hit. Our outreach quickly expanded and we began saturating new markets with a refined version of our product: bag tags.

Bag Tags, Inc. took off as we serviced universities, travel companies, sports organizations, and corporations with high-quality luggage tags. With the continuing success of our luggage tags, we saw the opportunity to break into the event pass business. Over time, event passes, ID badges, and event credentials became our bread and butter. As the demand continued to escalate, we began to dedicate much of our focus on the lanyards necessary to attach the event credentials to your neck. 

Located in Chicago, IL., we have grown into a leader in the lanyard industry servicing hundreds of clients around the world. We are fully equipped with a multi-talented design team and friendly customer service team. Our mission from inception to present day, is to provide our customers with a functional, beautiful product that best suits their needs.

We believe passion drives everything. Without it, we are nothing. Our lanyards are a direct result of the passion we pour into them.
We keep our product line focused - we do what we do - and do it well. With a team of highly talented designers and exceptional customer service,
our hope is that we will promote your brand and meet any particular needs along the way. From order conception to the shipment arriving at your door,
our lanyards are woven for you.