17 Best Trade Show Marketing Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed

What’s the one thing that brands want when it comes to buying a booth on the tradeshow floor? Fortune, fame and more brand awareness – of course. Ok, that was more like three things, but most brands fall somewhere within those three. So, whether you’re just starting out with your first tradeshow or have done this a few times already, we found the 17 best tradeshow marketing tips to help your brand shine.

1. Location, Location, Location

Booths that are closer to the entrance and the focal point of the tradeshow get more traffic. These prime location booths also come at an extra charge and sell out fast. So, if being the center of attention is important to your brand, inquire about these at least a year in advance. (via Brandwatch)

2. Stay on Brand

No matter how big or small your booth is, inconsistent branding of your booth area and your staffers can break immersion. That means staying on brand from top to bottom with branded signs, banners, promotional items and gear – even the smallest details like custom lanyards with your logo on them count! (via Enplug)

find your competitive advantage and get your brand noticed

3. Design to Impress

When it comes to booth design, a tradeshow is not the place to blend in. Bright colors and clean design can help attract attention to your booth (and detract attention from your competitors). With as many competing distractions as most tradeshows have, you’ve got to go bold or go home. (via Brandwatch)

4. Host Contests and Promotions

What does the craps table at a casino and a booth that hosts contests and promotions have in common? There both the place to be and be seen. Everybody loves to be a winner and special prizes, drawings and promos can help you attract a crowd. Just make sure to get your prospects info as part of the process. (via Brandwatch)

5. Set Clear Goals

Tradeshows aren’t cheap. Not for attendees and definitely not for exhibitors. Treat your booth as in investment and outline a set of goals such as number of leads collected or attendees that each person should connect with. Setting goals will help your booth staff be more productive and yield better ROI.

6. Use Scanners Consistently

We live in a world of technology that can help make our lives easier, so why not use it? If you’re going to scan access passes for information, make sure you’re consistent, or you could be leaving money on the table. (via MessageMakers)

7. Offer Refreshments

Snacks and drinks are often a welcome sight to tradeshow attendees who probably aren’t used to spending all day on their feet. Offering even small refreshments with your branding or business card attached increases your presence and gives attendees another reason to stop by. (via Brandwatch)

8. Build Relationships

You can’t just rent a booth and expect miracles to happen – you’ve got to work for them. The brands that have the most success at tradeshows are those that use it as an opportunity to build relationships with their prospects. (via Inc.com)

9. Show Off Your Expertise

Offer something that attendees can get value out of. A whitepaper, free report or top 10 list shows that you’re the authority on your products or services, educates your prospect and puts you top of mind as the solution to their problem.

10. Engage On Social Media

Do you have a social media marketing plan in place for your booth? If not, consider the fact that it’s a great way to reach out to attendees before, during and after the show. (via Brandwatch)

11. Don’t Be Afraid to Tell People Exactly What You Do

Clever taglines can help make your brand memorable, that’s for sure. But, unless you’re Apple or Starbucks, it’s better to simply shoot straight with people about what you do on the tradeshow floor. They’ll have a better understanding of your company and you’ll stand out from all the wannabe’s. (via Enplug)

12. Follow Up on Leads

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make at a trade show is failing to follow up on leads. You’ve got about a 7 day window after the show to follow up before you’re nothing more than a distant memory to your prospects so, make sure to follow up early and often.

13. Use Promotional Products

Branded giveaways can be a great reminder to your attendees about your brand and are a staple at any tradeshow. Small promo items such as custom lanyards and badge holders, or pens are a safe bet. (via Brandwatch)

14. Train Your Booth Staff

What’s your most important asset on the tradeshow floor? If you guessed your booth staff, you are correct. Train your staff to help provide attendees with the most memorable experience and you won’t soon be forgotten. (via Inc.com)

15. Don’t Leave Your Booth Empty

What’s worse than getting a booth as far away from the action on the tradeshow floor as you possibly can? Leaving your booth unattended! Make sure that there is at least one person at your booth at all times. Properly training your staff beforehand can help ensure that they know the importance of this. (via MessageMakers)

16. Plan Ahead

Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. This rings as true on the tradeshow floor as it does in life. Planning ahead means planning out your literature, promotional items, staff training, lead generation and follow up, and social media strategy, to name a few. (via Forbes)

17. Learn from your Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect and even plans made with the best intentions can go wrong. After your tradeshow, regroup and take a look at what worked and what didn’t. What can you do better next year?

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Posted on June 3, 2015 and filed under Promotional Incentives.