3 Ways Custom Lanyards Can Boost Your Networking Mojo

The first week of February is International Networking Week. It’s also that time of year where many businesses are gearing up for another season of trade shows, conferences and conventions. Industry events can be a great opportunity to meet new people and network with others in your field. It’s not uncommon for conferences and trade shows to spark new friendships, business deals and partnerships so, when it comes to networking at these events, it pays to be on top of your game.

One way to really stand out at your next event is through your event credentials. Your badge is one of the first things a new contact looks at, even before they’ve met you. But, even the most well designed event badge can break your branding if it isn’t tied together with a custom lanyard to match. It’s a small detail, but custom lanyards can really help you boost your networking mojo. Here’s how:

using custom lanyards at networking events

Break the Ice with Custom Lanyards

Event credentials and custom lanyards with a strong brand identity really stand out. A strong brand identity with colors and a design that pops can help others find you in a sea of attendees on an often crowded trade show floor.  And, when you’re easy to spot, you’re easier to network with.

Custom Lanyards Boost Your Professionalism

When it comes to making a first impression, you only have about one tenth of a second. Most people have already formed an opinion of you before you’ve even introduced yourself. And, it’s often the small details in your branding that make a big difference in the way people perceive you. Custom lanyards are one of those small details that can help make your trade show branding more cohesive and professional.

Give Them Something to Remember

Networking at trade shows can be fast-paced and hectic and you may not have time to make a personal connection with everyone who comes your way. Business cards are a quick and easy way to exchange information on the fly, but can get buried quickly throughout the course of the day. Handing out custom lanyards with your business cards can help people remember you and your company even after the event is through.

The Right Style of Lanyard for Your Event

So, what style of custom lanyards should you use for your next trade show, conference or convention? We have a variety of styles to choose from that include cord, tubular silk and woven lanyards in a wide variety of colors and printing options such as dye sublimation, silk screening and embroidery.

You don’t have to wait for international networking week to boost your trade show mojo. We can help you design custom woven lanyards that get noticed any time of year.

Posted on February 2, 2015 and filed under Custom Lanyards.