Have a Happier Halloween Party With Custom Lanyards

Although October has just begun, many people are already looking forward to the end of the month. For kids and adults alike, Halloween offers an opportunity to dress up and have fun trying out another identity for the night. It’s no surprise that most of us love a holiday that involves both costumes and candy: A National Retail Foundation survey conducted in September 2014 found that more than two-thirds of Americans planned on buying costumes last year, and total spending on costumes, decorations and candy topped $7 billion.

Halloween parties give everyone a chance to enjoy those costumes, decorations and candy in the company of family and friends. If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween get-together this month and are looking for ways to make it your best yet, consider getting custom lanyards to give your guests an October 31 experience they won’t forget. Here are some ways to use lanyards to make sure your Halloween party is a hit.

Halloween background

Send Lanyards Out With Your Invitations

Attach your invitations or event passes with the date, time and location of your party to lanyards customized to go along with your Halloween theme – your lanyards might sport pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, or another pattern that matches the spirit of the night. Additionally, the lanyards will let your guests hang the invitation up somewhere so it doesn’t get lost. 

Help Everyone Identify the Guy in the Darth Vader Getup

Since your guests’ costumes might involve masks or heavy makeup, it could be difficult for them to recognize each other. Lanyards with custom event badges or name tags attached will help you figure out who the giant chicken or zombie hanging out by the punch bowl is.

Additionally, lanyards and badges will make it easy for your guests who haven’t met each other yet to get to know each other. If you’re looking for custom event badges/passes for your party, visit our sister company, Event Passes, for more information.          

Give Guests a Convenient Way to Keep Track of Their Belongings

For people whose costumes don’t have pockets, lanyards can be a great tool for keeping track of their personal possessions, including any party favors you hand out. This usefulness extends beyond the night of the party: Afterward, your friends and family can use the lanyards to hang onto their keys, pens, flashlights and more. 

Let People Showcase Prizes at Your Party

If you have games or contests, hand out unique badges or medals that the winners can attach to their lanyards. The champion of your best costume competition will have a way to show off his accomplishment for the rest of the night and beyond.  

Provide Attendees With a Unique Keepsake

The candy might not last very long, but the custom lanyards from your party will give your guests a souvenir that will remind them of how much fun they had at your party for years afterward.

Lanyards and event passes can help make any occasion – including a Halloween party – memorable. If you’re interested in getting custom, woven lanyards for your upcoming event, contact the Woven Lanyards team today by calling (847) 424-1900 or emailing orders@wovenlanyards.com.

Posted on October 1, 2015 .