5 Reasons to Use Lanyards in your Wedding

As summer comes to an end, fall is right around the corner. Maybe it’s the changing colors, mild temperatures or holidays coming up that makes fall the most popular season for weddings. So, how can you spice up your autumn wedding and make sure guests have a fun, unique experience? With custom lanyards, your guests will have a personalized trinket to save for years to come. Here are a few ways to incorporate lanyards into your wedding:

Make Your Bridesmaids/Groomsmen feel like VIP

Lanyards are the perfect way to give your bridesmaids or groomsmen a practical souvenir. Are you planning a bar crawl? Use the lanyards as a way for the bouncers and bartenders to recognize your group. You can also include the night’s schedule on badge connected to the lanyards along with drinks specials or food options. Looking for custom event badges? We’ve got you covered! Visit our sister company, Event Passes, for more information and a quote for your purchase.

Use Custom Lanyards as Wedding Invites

Not sure what your wedding invitations should look like? By customizing lanyards to match your theme, you can put your wedding colors, wedding hashtags, the ceremony date, individual names and much more onto the lanyards. You can also use event badges as invites and list all of the information for your big day. The badges can be attached to the lanyards so your guests can store them easily or hang up in their homes so the invites aren’t lost.

 Give Your Guests the Wedding Timeline

With lanyards and custom event badges, you can provide your guests with the ceremony and reception timeline. On the lanyards, you can provide the wedding date, time and venue information. On the event badges, you can include the timeline for your big day, including ceremony time, cocktail hour start and finish, reception time, dinner time, cake cutting and much more.

Emphasize your Theme

Having a candy themed wedding? Or maybe a superhero themed wedding? Incorporate your theme through custom lanyards by putting labels, logos or characters on them. For example, if your wedding theme is based on a city, and your table placements are specific landmarks in that city, why not organize custom lanyards with those lanyards for your guests so they know where to sit before entering the reception area. This way, you’ll avoid the traffic jam that tends to happen as guests look for their seating card outside the reception area.

Help your Guest Get to Know Each Other

With out-of-town relatives, plus ones, your family and your fiancé’s family, keeping track of names can be difficult. By putting your guests’ names on lanyards and event passes, not only will you have an easier time remembering names but they will as well. No awkward re-introductions to someone you’ve already met and no more trying to remember who’s an aunt versus a cousin.

Lanyards and event passes can be versatile and great accessories for any event or occasion. Are you interested in getting custom, woven lanyards for your wedding or upcoming event? Contact our team at Woven Lanyards today by calling (847) 424-1900 or emailing orders@wovenlanyards.com.


Posted on September 8, 2015 .