5 Must-Have March Madness Accessories

Every March, many of us go a little mad. It isn’t just because of spring fever and St. Patrick’s Day. This month marks the beginning of “the Big Dance,” or the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Each year, more than 60 million Americans fill out brackets predicting the trajectory of the tournament, which inspires approximately $1 billion in off-book gambling, according to Smithsonian magazine. Since the ‘70s (when the first bracket pool is thought to have taken place at a Staten Island bar), keeping track of the annual tournament and predicting the winners among the 68 teams involved has become a popular pastime.

If you’re a basketball enthusiast getting ready for this month’s madness, you’re probably rounding up the essential items you’ll need to create the best game day experience. Here are five March Madness accessories that can help you have fun and express your fandom.  

1. A jersey from your favorite team. 

Wearing a basketball jersey that represents the team and/or player you’re rooting for is a great way to proudly show your support. Other fans of your team will be able to spot you and bond with you immediately. If you and your friends watch games together, wearing jerseys can also boost enthusiasm and create a sense of unity – if you’re rooting for the same team, that is. 

2. A whiteboard for bracketing. 

March Madness viewing party hosts can make guessing the outcome of the game a collaborative activity by setting up a whiteboard where everyone can write down who they predict will win, along with their predictions for the point margin, according to the eBay article “6 Tips for Hosting a College Basketball Championship Party.” If you’re hosting, you can hand out prizes to whoever guessed right once the game is over.   

3. A mini-hoop so you can play too. 

If you’re watching the tournament at home, you don’t have to just sit there while the professionals have all the fun. Get a miniature portable hoop and some mini foam basketballs so that you can shoot some hoops of your own (and provide entertainment for anyone who comes over to watch the game with you).         

4. March Madness apps for tracking the tournament. 

There’s an app out there for essentially everything, and March Madness is no exception. CBS Sports, ESPN, and others have created apps that let you do everything from live streaming games to keeping track of the tournament schedule to researching every team in the running.  

5. Custom lanyards representing your team. 

Along with jerseys and t-shirts, customized lanyards with your team’s colors, name, and/or mascot are a great way to show your support. If you’re attending games in person, a lanyard can also help you keep track of your ticket, keys, and other personal belongings. If you’re hosting a March Madness party at home, you can send out custom lanyards as invitations or hand them out as favors. Your guests can use them to demonstrate their devotion to their favorite teams and players (as well as the sport in general) for years to come.

With some or all of these accessories, you can make this year’s March Madness unforgettably fun. If you’re interested in ordering custom woven lanyards, the Woven Lanyards team can provide you with full color, high-quality lanyards. To learn more, contact us today at (847) (847) 424-1900 or orders@wovenlanyards.com.            

Posted on March 1, 2016 .