How to Organize a Successful Golf Tournament

Since its beginnings in Scotland in the 15th century, the modern game of golf has become a popular pastime worldwide, according to the International Golf Federation. In 2015, the National Golf Foundation found 24.1 million people in the U.S. alone had participated in golf (specifically, they had played it at least once).

A tournament is a great way to bring golf lovers together, whether the purpose is to raise money for a good cause or simply to engage in some friendly competition. Making the event entertaining and enjoyable for everyone in attendance takes some careful planning, however. If you’re looking to organize a golf tournament, taking the following steps can help ensure that the process goes smoothly and the event turns out to be a success.       

1. Set goals. 

The first step to organizing a golf tournament is figuring out what your objective is, according to the Professional Golfers’ Association. For example, your main goal might be to raise funds for a particular charitable foundation. Knowing what you want to accomplish from the beginning will help guide your planning efforts.

2. Assemble a team to help you. 

Hosting a tournament is a lot of work, so you’ll want to gather a group of volunteers and delegate different tasks. The PGA recommends setting up committees to handle transportation, food, prizes, corporate sponsorship, marketing, and other aspects of the event planning process.  

It helps to have a leadership team made up of people with different talents and strengths to ensure the planning process goes smoothly, according to GolfRegistrations, a fundraising software and golf tournament software provider. Be sure that some of your leaders are expert golfers, if possible.

3. Decide on the location. 

Naturally, it’s important to find a great golf course for your tournament. GolfRegistrations recommends finding a course that’s well-liked in your local area to gain credibility in the eyes of potential sponsors and guests. Consider the cost, and make sure you sign a written contract with the golf course staff to finalize all of the details. Keep in mind that most courses like to book events 8-12 months ahead of time, according to the PGA.     

4. Get the word out. 

You’ll need an advertising and marketing strategy to spread awareness and attract golf players to your tournament. Establishing a Web presence as soon as possible is crucial, according to the PGA. Your planning team can also use social media, flyers, email lists, and press releases to make sure your upcoming event gets plenty of attention.

5. Order custom lanyards. 

Custom lanyards with eye-catching colors and your tournament’s name and logo can serve as an integral part of your promotional efforts. Send them out along with invitations to members of the golfing community who might want to participate.

Additionally, during the tournament, custom lanyards can provide a convenient way for golfers to keep track of their tickets, event passes, and other personal items. After the tournament is over, participants can keep the woven lanyards as souvenirs and reminders to come back next year, if you decide to make it an annual event.

In the end, organizing a golf tournament isn’t an easy task. However, with the right team and thorough planning, you can host an enjoyable event for your local golfing community. If you’d like to order custom lanyards for your upcoming golf tournament, our team at Woven Lanyards can create high-quality lanyards that will serve as unique keepsakes for attendees. Contact us today at (847) 424-1900 or            

Posted on April 1, 2016 .