4 Tips for Getting Attendees to Fall in Love With Your Event

With Valentine’s Day nearly here, it’s that time of year when many people contemplate love in its various forms. Just like you can fall in love with a person, you can also become passionate about a particular book, hobby, place, or even a brand. One pathway to becoming infatuated with a particular product or service is to first get enraptured by an engaging event.

If you’re looking to enhance your relationship with current customers and form new connections with potential clients through company events, you’ll want to carefully craft an experience that will have attendees saying “I love this!” by the end of the day. Fortunately, there are plenty of innovative event planning strategies at your disposal. Here are just a few ways to wow attendees and get them to fall head over heels for your next event.

love events.jpg

1. Know who your audience is and what they want. 

The first step to hosting an unforgettable event is getting to know your target audience, according to the Event Manager Blog entry “5 Steps to Make Your Event More Interactive.”

Surveys, questionnaires, and monitoring social media can help you gauge your potential attendees’ wants and needs. What topics are they most interested in hearing about, and what type of venue would work best for them? If you can answer these questions before you start the planning process, you’ll be much more likely to hit the mark when it comes to creating an engaging experience.    

2. Make it interactive. 

Instead of asking your attendees to passively consume information and listen to presentations, give them the opportunity to participate in various activities. For example, some events feature a photo booth with props so that guests can have fun and produce entertaining snapshots, according to the Huffington Post blog entry “9 Ways to Make Your Event Interactive.”

Other potential interactive activities include trivia contests and a dry erase board or digital graffiti wall for guests who want to express themselves. Providing everyone with opportunities to get in on the action rather than just observing will make your event more memorable.     

3. Get them to look up from their smartphones. 

These days, many of us can’t go more than a few minutes without checking our phones for emails, texts, and social media updates. Luckily, new technology gives event planners some ways to compete with the compulsion to ignore your surroundings in favor of staring at your smartphone.

This year, “heads up” tech such as large-scale games that use smartphones as controllers and apps that turn audience members’ phones into microphones will become prevalent at events, according to the Planning Pod blog entry “8 Biggest Event Trends for 2017.” Event planners will increasingly turn to these new technologies as a way to keep attendees engaged in an age of screen addiction.

4. Offer them unique souvenirs. 

One way to ensure your guests don’t forget your event or your company is to give them a useful and eye-catching keepsake. Custom woven lanyards that feature the name of your event and your organization’s logo, for example, not only serve as a practical way for attendees to keep track of their credentials and personal belongings during the event but are also a great souvenir.

With thorough and thoughtful planning, you can successfully captivate attendees at your next event. If you’d like to order custom woven lanyards for the occasion, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We can provide you with unique, visually appealing lanyards. Contact us today by calling (847) 424-1900 or emailing orders@wovenlanyards.com.

Posted on February 3, 2017 .