Custom Lanyards: Back to School with Style

The back to school season is coming up and soon teachers, students and staff will be back on campus for another year of learning, friends and fun.  With new and returning students filling the classroom, school campuses across the nation will be bustling with activity. And with that activity, also comes the need for good security practices.

Custom lanyards are a good way to help you keep students, staff and visitors safe by ensuring that they have a convenient way of displaying their identification while on campus. In fact, custom lanyards serve a number of purposes for educational institutions, from enhancing security to promoting school spirit. Here’s how you can use custom printed lanyards on your campus:

lanyards for students

Stock Lanyards for Students

Whether you’re welcoming a few hundred or a few thousand students back to school this year, stock lanyards offer a cost effective solution to helping them keep those ID badges visible. We offer a large variety of different colors, allowing you to color code your student’s lanyards based on grade level or school colors.

Our stock lanyards provide students with a hands-free way to display their ID badges at all times, reducing the risk of badges being lost or stolen and helping your institution save money. Be sure to add a breakaway attachment to your student lanyards so that they are easy to remove if they get caught on clothing or equipment.

Custom Printed Lanyards for Teachers and Staff

Help teachers and staff stay organized with custom printed lanyards featuring your school’s name, slogan and colors. We offer graphic design and printing services so that you can customize your lanyards down to the smallest detail. Teachers and staff will love the opportunity to show off their school spirit wherever they are, from the classroom to the sports field.

Offer teachers and staff custom lanyards in a number of colors so that they can pick their favorite or coordinate with their clothing. Adding a USB attachment to your teacher and staff lanyards is a nice touch that they’ll be sure to appreciate throughout the school year.

Custom Lanyards for Visitors and Guests

Security of students and staff is always a top priority anytime throughout the school year. Whether parents, siblings or guests come to visit on campus, custom printed lanyards can help you differentiate who they are without having to ask for an ID. Custom printed lanyards with the words “visitor” or “guest” allow your visitors to move freely throughout designated areas in your school, while maintaining the security of students and teachers.

Need help designing the perfect lanyards for your students, teachers, staff and guests? Let us help you get back-to-school ready with custom lanyards designed just for you! Call us at 847-424-1900 or contact us via email for a quote.

Posted on August 3, 2015 .