5 Ways to Promote Your Blood Drive with Custom Lanyards

When it comes to promoting your blood drive, there are numerous ways to get the word out; word-of-mouth, flyers and email, to name a few. But, no other method pulls the community together and makes as much of an impact as woven lanyards. March is National American Red Cross Month, so we’ve put together this guide to show you a few you can use custom lanyards to promote your cause.

Attract Attention to Your Cause

Recruiting blood donors is one of the biggest challenges for many drive organizers. A lot of upfront work goes into making the community aware of such an event including leveraging social media, using newsletters, websites and emails. But, promoting during your event is just as important as getting the word out beforehand.

Most organizations hand out more traditional “treats” such as sweets, juice and fruit for those who have donated. But, custom lanyards are a more memorable way to say “thank you”. Woven lanyards with your organization’s name and cause on them are a nice way to remind donors of their service and can also help spread the word during (and even after) your event.

custom lanyards for blood drives and non-profits

Increase Exposure with Custom Lanyards

Promotional products are a good way to expand awareness of your cause. Lanyards have a way of reaching your audience far beyond your targeted area in a way that most other promotional products don’t. Perhaps it’s because they have such a wide variety of uses from securing your keys on a daily basis to holding custom event badges at a conference. Custom lanyards can be seen almost as a moving billboard for your cause, generating exposure to hundreds and even thousands of people throughout the day.  

Open the Lines of Communication

Giving promotional items to people is a nice gesture that generates goodwill between your organization and your blood donors. From a business perspective, promotional products can open the door to conversations that lead to new business opportunities. Custom lanyards are a great way to promote your team, non-profit or community organization and open the lines of communication that can lead to partnerships, media opportunities and more community awareness.

Build Community Relationships

Partnerships with other community businesses are another good way to get the word out about your blood drive. When offering a partnership to businesses in the community, it’s common to offer some kind of ad space to promote their brand in exchange for their sponsorship. Lanyards offer a unique opportunity to build those relationships and attract community sponsors because of their longevity and usefulness.

Offer community businesses the opportunity to act as a sponsor for your blood drive in exchange for their logo along with your cause on your woven lanyards or other promotional products. You get free lanyards that you can use to promote your blood drive and they get tax deductible ad space.

Promotional Gifts that Keep on Giving

Re-gifting is not a generally well accepted practice, at least not one that too many people brag about. But, when it comes to promotional products, having someone pass along your woven lanyards or other branded items can be a good thing. People who receive promotional items are more likely to pass them along, garnering even more exposure for your organization or cause. In fact, according to The Advertising Specialty Institute, 62% of those who receive a promotional product will give it away to someone who needs it before considering throwing it out. And that is some very effective advertising!

Custom lanyards are a great way to promote your blood drive or other community-based event. Contact us to learn how Woven Lanyards can help you design and complete your order on time and on budget.

For more information about National Red Cross Month, visit http://www.redcross.org/

Posted on March 2, 2015 and filed under Custom Lanyards.