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The Woven Lanyards Guide to Lanyard Attachments

Woven lanyards are an essential in the event industry. Not only are they a necessity for displaying your event credentials, they also offer a unique branding opportunity for marketing savvy organizations. But, lanyards can be used for much more than displaying your custom press pass or conference ID. With the right type of attachment, you can add safety features and functionality that make your event passes stand out while extending the life of your lanyard.

Lanyard attachments come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. They can be used for holding just about anything that’s light enough to hang around your neck from a water bottle to a set of keys. With so many options available, what type of lanyard attachment should you choose?

We’ll help you think beyond the event with this handy guide to lanyard attachments.

breakaway lanyards, lobster claw attachments and bulldog clips

Breakaway Lanyards

Plain and simple, breakaway lanyards are designed for safety. The breakaway clip is usually located at the front or behind the neck, making it easily accessible. For instance, if your lanyard happens to accidentally get caught on a piece of equipment or clothing, it will snap off or can be disengaged so as to prevent injury.

Another benefit of breakaway lanyards is that they can be used with a variety of other attachments. Breakaway connections can be attached to any lanyard type and can accommodate any type of attachment from bulldog clips to cell phone holders.

Bulldog Clips

Bulldog clips are one of the most commonly used lanyard attachments in the event credentials industry. They are used for holding professionally designed event badges that have a horizontal slot in the center top.

The reason bulldog clips are so popular is because they are designed to hold your badge straight so that it lays flat against your clothing. Bulldog clips offer a firm grip but are also one of the least versatile attachments. Unlike other attachments that can hold keys, flash drives and small electronics, bulldog clip attachments serve a very singular purpose.

Split Ring Attachments

Split ring attachments are like key rings for your lanyard. They are useful for holding a variety of items from access passes to keys and other items.  The upside to this type of attachment is that you can stack multiple items on the ring. The downside is that your ID badge won’t sit completely straight. Split ring attachments are probably the most versatile and can be used along with a bulldog clip for added functionality.

J-Hook Attachments

J-hooks are the most common and useful lanyard attachments and come in a wide variety of sizes. They are easy to use and can hold a wide variety of items, just press the top part of the hook in and slide your event pass or ID badge on.

Lobster Clasp Attachments

Lobster clasp attachments feature a small clasp that is held closed by a spring that has a pinching mechanism just like a lobster claw. In the event passes industry, lobster clasp attachments offer a lot of versatility because they can be used to hold multiple attachments. The downside is that lobster clasps can wear out with repeated use of the mechanism and eventually, may not hold your items very securely. However, for short term use, they can be extremely useful.

Cell Phone Loop Attachments

Cell phone loop attachments are ideal for keeping your cell phone close at hand and preventing it from getting lost. Many people overlook it, but many of the most current cell phones have a small slot at near one of the top corners. Too small to attach a charger to, this slot has a small bar set in the middle and is just large enough for a 3/16” to 3/8’ cord to pass through.

The length of most lanyards is just long enough for users to talk on the phone without having to detach it from the lanyard. As cell phones become smaller and lighter, cell phone lanyards will become more popular for both corporate use and as an add-on for event credentials.

Water Bottle Holders

Raise your hand if like lugging your bottled water all over the convention center as you’re trying to collect information and network…looks like we don’t have any takers, but that’s OK. Water bottle holders can be attached to your lanyard so that you can stay hydrated while you’re networking and keep your hands free.

Water bottle holders are typically made out of a soft plastic that can be slipped over the neck of most water bottles and attach to your lanyard via a ring or bulldog clip.

There are a wide variety of lanyard attachments to choose from, far more than we can squeeze into one blog post. But, now that you know about some of the most common and useful lanyard attachments, designing your next lanyard should be a breeze.

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