No woven lanyard would be complete without the right accessories. We offer a wide array of clips and hooks for your lanyards, allowing you to securely attach your event badges, press passes, tour laminates and more. With access to dozens of lanyard attachments and accessories, we can help you find any attachment that suits your specific needs from water bottle holders to breakaway lanyards.

We specialize in helping brands strengthen their identity in fresh and unique ways where every detail counts. Our most popular lanyard attachments can do just that by securely displaying your custom badges front and center.  Choose from a selection of premium, safety and standard attachments or, ask about our other options. Our popular lanyard attachments include:

Lobster Claw. Our premium attachment, the lobster claw is ideal for brands who want to elevate the look of their lanyards. This easy to operate accessory features a spring loaded mechanism that makes switching out badges simple while offering optimal security and a non-scratch surface.

Breakaway. When safety is your number one concern, breakaway lanyards can be a real lifesaver. Designed to easily detach, breakaway lanyards can help you avoid troublesome snags and are ideal for journalists, photographers, security personnel, athletes or anyone for whom safety is a top priority.

J-hook. Our standard attachment, j-hooks are secure, easy to use and economical – an excellent choice for holding onto your event badges and laminated IDs.

Still not sure which lanyard attachment is right for you? We can help you create your create your custom lanyard from start to finish.  Looking for event passes? Visit our sister site.

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